Best Data Scraping Tools

In our digital world, web data extraction which may be in the form of web scraping or web crawling seems to be demanding. However, the whole process of coming up with your page source, parsing it, coding the JavaScript, filtering the data, requires much time.

Just the same way we have different users, most of them differ in their needs; some of them want to build web crawlers that will attract large sites while others want to create a web scraper that has no coding. The following is a list of different web scraping tools from open source that we can use.


Octoparse is the best tool for developers who want to extract web data without coding.

It provides an interface where any user can fill any form, input search terms, scroll through the data and render JavaScript. It is also very useful for

Scraper API

Scraper API deals with proxies, browsers, CAPTCHAS; thus you can get the raw HTML at any time from any website.

It manages its private pool which is the proxies from several proxy providers. It emerges as one of the best tool with individual pools of proxies for crawling e-commerce listings, search engine results, reviews, social media sites, real estate listings to mention a few. I need to scrape millions of busy pages within a short period, use this and earn a discount.

Smart proxy

It is the most reliable proxy provider at the best prices for any developer.

Smart proxy has about 10 million rotating residential proxies with location targeting and flexible pricing. There are rotating sessions, random IPs, geo-targeting, sticky sessions, and more. Smart proxy creates a room for unlimited connections and numerous threads which offer 99% SLA with low failure rates, functioning 24/7 with reliable support of 5 minute response time.

users who want to host joint scrapers in the clouds. A user can also build a free tier of up to 10 crawlers.


Parsehub is a fantastic tool for people who want to extract data from websites without coding. It is used widely by data analysts, journalists, data scientists, and many fields. Parse Hub is easier to use; you can click on the data that you are working on to build a web scraper, which then exports the data in excel format or JSON.

It has features such as automatic IP rotation that allows scraping behind the walls of the login page. Also, it has a free tier that enables the user to host up to 200 sheets of data within a limit of 40minutes.


It is open-source for python developers building data web crawlers. It manages all the procedures that make building a web crawler difficult.

Scrappy is entirely free which has been the most popular and useful for python developers. It is widely used to know and to learn how it works.


It suits enterprises that have a specific need for their web scraping

Diffbot uses computer vision, unlike any other tools to identify relevant information on a page. As long as the page looks the same visually, the web scrapers will never break even if the HTML structures change.


Cheerio is a straightforward tool of parsing HTML.

It offers an API similar to jQuery, which is faster and gives a variety of methods to come up with; text, HTML, classes, ids, and more. It is an incredible HTML parsing library written in NodeJS.

Beautiful Soup

Beautiful Soup offers an easy way for python developers to parse HTML. It does not need any script power or any complexity.

It is friendly for any python developer. It has wide a variety of learning materials and tutorials on using it to model various websites.


Puppeteer is there for NodeJS developers who have rd precise, granular control over their website.

It is completely free. Puppeteer is well backed and supported by Google Chrome and hence replacing Selenium and PhantomJS. It automatically installs an efficient, compatible Chromium binary in its setup, therefore reducing the burden of keeping track on your browser.


If you are enterprises that want to build a cloud website, this will work for you. Mozenda has vast experience in serving many enterprise customers all over the world.

Mozenda is useful in such a way that it allows you to host a cloud website. They have the best customer care service since they provide phone and email support to their customers.

All information that you need you can readily find via extracting web data. This list of open and free tools will help you in owning your projects and business. All the best!

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